VITAMIN C protect you form covid -19

can vitamin C protect you from

Today I will tell you what is vitamin c
and which food from you get .

Vitamin C was discovered in 1912 isolated 
in 1928  Vitamin c, also know as  ascrobic acid. vitamin C found in many Various food 
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved 
in the repair off tissue and the enzymatic 
production of certain neurortransmitters.
it's improve are immune system 
its also an fuction of an antioxidant .

The daily requirement vitamin c in your
body is 90mg  in adult &.male, 75mg for females which increases 120 my during

with the hundreds of the thousand of
COVID-19 case worldwide (and the number
going up each single day)  ,experts recommend strengthening your immune
system as an important way to fight this

HIGH. dose lV Vitamin C has been used 
in china to Help improve lung fuction in people with COVID-19.However ,vitamin
C 's  effect is still being tested Vitamin
C is supplements for  covid -19.
vitamin C is an important nutrient that 
keeps your  immune system function 

THIS  ARTICLE Review what is vitamin C 
how its affects immunity, &how it's being tired for COVID _19 Treatment in a hospital 
setting and whether taking oral supplement
in beneficial. 

how vitamins C affect on immunity ?

vitamin c affets your immune health in
several way it as antioxidant Activity can
decrease on inflammation which help 
your immune fuction 

VITAMIN C. also keeps your skin healthy 

The vitamin c also boosts the Activity of
phagocytes, immune cells That can 
swallow harmfull bacteria. and other

And type of immune cell increases your 
circulating antibodie.

THe bottom line 

vitamin C is an important nutrient That 
keeps your immune system functioning 

According to report published 
vitamin c. may improve lung function 
in hospitalized people with COVID-19

However, theres no proof that vitamin c
will treat or prevent COVID-19 

To plenty immune -strength add vitamin C
in your diet make sure you eat eat daily 
variety of Fruit and vegetables. it can help 
to you protect you from COVID -19 disease. 

COVID-19 Top 10 food must included        In Your Diet To boost are immunity. 

1.citrus Fruit.: great addition to your diet that can boost your immune system All citrus fruit such as 
orange, lemon grape fruit, tangerines
lime, and clementines are popular 
carries of the vitamin c its important 
to know our bodies don't produce 
vitamin C so we need a small daily 
intake to be safe 

2.Red bell peppers :.Red bell peppers
contain  a rich source of beta 
carotene  which give the vegetables 
its pigment and it's important 
for our bodies be cause its provided
us  vitamin C. 

3.Broccoli :This vegetable is packed with Vitamin mineral fibre and antioxidant this is probably the most important vegetable to put down on your tables make sure you re 
saturating your diet it keep your 
self safe and healthy. 

4.Yoghurt:Add yoghurt in your diet 
Daily because it's boost are immune system .

5.Tumeric: ads turmeric powder in 
your milk  1 spoon. it's very heplfull 
for immune system its boost are 
immune system and keep you strong 
from many other diseases

6.Greentea :we all no green tea and
this is famous for lossing wait it's 
keep you safe & strong green and 
black tea  are  both super charged 
with antioxidant its increase are 
compound in our bodies and its fight with germs have one cup daily
and it's keep you safe &healthy 

7.Kiwis: This green citrusy fruit is 
packed with all kind of vitamins
you can get your vitamin K, C
and a Bunch of essential nutrient 
its Fight with many viruses and diseases.

8.Sunflower seeds :sunflower seeds are an extremely healthy snack they are 
saturated with antioxdants,and nutrients,such as phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B-6 All these 
Help in maintaining the health and 
function of your body, and keep safe you from disease.

9.Papaya :papaya is healthy way to 
stay safe In this year this Fruit is 
loaded with vitamin C they help us
to boost are strength of your immune can try in you kitchen 
as a salads  or milkshake or just plain. 

10. poultry : chicken soup can be extremely beneficial to prevent 
cold and flu 's chicken as high vitamins
&nutrients They are also vital for the reproduction for red blood cell. 


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