The importance of Hydration.

why you should Always stay hydrated? 

why is water important? 

water is necessary for every cell, tissue
and organ in your body to work normally
you need water to survive. water is
involved in four essential process in
your body

For eg. your body uses water to maintain
its temperature, remove waste and lubricate your joint .water is needed for overall good health.

How much water you should drink ?

•15. 5 Cup's (3.7 litres) of fluids for men 

•11.5 Cup's (2.7 litres ) of fluid a day for women. 

most of us know that staying hydrated is on of the most fundamental  part of being healthy wothout hydration, our bodys system  don't work property

But how do we stay  hydrated throughout the day?  you will  no in this post

Benefit water. 

•it Help you easily flush waste and prevent kidney damage (including 
kidney Stone)   

•it keep your joint, skin eyes mouth nose 

•it Normalizes your temperature and reduces stress

•It stop you from becoming dehydrated

•it zaps Your energy and reduces 
overall organ function 

•Keeps Your  temperature normal 

•protect senstive tissues 

Get rid of wastes through urination, 
perspiration and bowel movement 

Dehydrated signs :

Little that is  darker than usual 

Dry mouth. 



Extreme thirst






kidney stone 

bladder infection 

Note.   That water make up more than half of your body weight you lose water is day when you go to the bathroom you lose water even faster when the weather is really hot when you are physically activity if you have a fever vomiting and diarrhea can also lead to Rapid water loss drink plenty of water as much you can

1. Drink a Glass of water in morning 
  drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning or take a drink while you are brewing that morning coffee or tea

2.carry a water bottle with you 
fill up Your water bottle and carry
with you daily in your bag it's is very
Good carrying water bottle with you

3.Flavour your water 
Adding a few lemon silces, strawberries,
to your or you can add your own flavour
try too add blueberries as ice cube

4.Take water breaks! 
take a few sip of water between work tasks go for a  walk to the water foundation for a
mental break throughout the day

5.Eat your water! 
Your body is able to absorb the water from the food that we eat food that have a high water percentage include cantaloupe, strawberry, spinach watermelon ,peaches, bellpapers ,and cucumbers.

6 sip before snack !
Before you raid the fridge ,try taking a sip insted 
sometimes our bodies feel hungry ,but 
we are  actually dehydrated.. 

7.Go for the coconut water 
Coconut water is a mineral rich liquid from the inside young  green coconut pack with potassium magnesium Sodium and Calcium try freezing coconut water ice cube

8.stick with h2 O. 
Drink juice milk and herbal tea can all help hydrate your body
 sticking with H2O will help you to skip
the unnecessary sugar,additives and cafffien found in other drink

9.make a water schedule 
 if it feels  impossible to guzzle down 64
ounces in a single day you may want to come up with hydrating schedule as soon as you wake up make it a point to drink 10 ounce of water after night of fasting your body will appricate a morning

10.Eat your Way to hydration 
70-80 % of your daily hydration need to come from water 20 -30% it come from food
All wall fruit and vegetable contains some amount of water but munch on these top picks for maximum benefit

     • 97 % water : cucumber

      • 96 % water :celery

      • 95 %water Tomatoes, radishes

      • 93 % water red, yellow green ball

       • 92 %water cauliflower watermelon

       •91 % water spinach, strawberies

       • 90 %water : Grapefruit


            Exercise performance

From one hour before your training you should be taken precaution to ensure that your body is hydrated it can take time for those flute to be absorbed into the body so don't leave until you are in the gym because ko temperature to rise faster and the heart will have to work hard all making training feel more difficult than it would from to get ko while training have a large water container at hand to encourage you to drink throughout even if working out in a cold temperature more water is loss then at the race throughout increase respiration.             

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