SMOOTHIE And Blueberry Protein Shake

What does a green smoothie do to your body?

Green smoothie are packed with fiber which lowers cholesterol and gulocose levels, keeps you feelings fuller for longer and regulates your body cleansing proesses  plus, it's a tasty way to Get a strong dose of fruit and veggies, which provide vital nutrient like, which provide vital nutrients like vitamin c,  folate potassium.

     Green smoothies help you lose.            to lose weight and belly fat .

Green smoothies won't inherently make you fat, but the ingredient you add to your green smoothies could be adding unhealthy  sugars, empty calories, and harmful addtives in your metablosiim that makes it harder to shed unwanted pound 
lose weight.

    Green smoothies really good for you.                                     health ? 

yes green smoothies is really good for you health .Because smoothies include a dark leafy green  like Spaniach kale  or swiss chard  which provide fiber, calcium and vitamins A, C and,K it's you give full engery in your body and keep it you fresh. 

           When should I drink.Green.                                         smoothies .

You can enjoy this healthy  smoothies anytime.
Of the day I like to start my morning with a green Detox smoothie but it is also great after workout for a snack or even for a meal  when your body just need something good you can drink the  smoothie whenever you are feeling like you need a rest!

          How To make A green smoothies.



1 cup baby spinachr 

1 cup kale 

1 banana. 

                       1 cup pineapple..


 4 tbsp seamoss gel 

1 piece of Ginger 

3 cups of coconut water.    

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy your day. 

Blueberry Protein shake

  Berry  Delicious smoothies, protein shake

if you are not drinking  berry smoothies, then you should start now They are the ultimate antioxidant fruit.

10.Reasons why Berries Are the healthiest food on earth..

10. may help to improve blood sugar and insulin response... 

9.high Fiber. 

8.provide many nutrients. Fight inflammation. 

6.may help lower cholesterol levels. 

5.good for you skin . protect against cancer. 

3.weight loss. 

2.good for health. 

1.fat burning.

Berries are great fat buring food because they are filled with nutrients,yet are relatively low in sugar compared to other Fruit. 


1 cup strawberry 

3/4 cup frozen raspberries 

1/2 cup frozen blueberries 

1/2 Cup blackberries

1 cup of grape Juice

1 small cup of your favorite Greek yogurt

-1 vanilla powder 

BENEFIT :this blueberry protein smoothie with Greek yogurt  is that it contain so many brain -boosting food. blueberries may be effects at improving at short -term memory 


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