immunity bossting kadha : Covid -19

In Time of the Coronavirus pandemic 

Indian, Prime minster Narend Modi
has been adise all people to keep taking
Ayurveds medicines, kadha hot water
for building immunity to Fight to Fight the current health crisis.

with the rising number of case of coronavirus in the country and a vaccine
or medicine not in sight in near future,
medical profession have said That the Best is to increase our immunity and take precaution to avoid the spread of
coronavirus .Ayurvedic medicines like
Arsenicum Album 30,an immunity bossting
ayurvedic compound, has also been suggested for use by various states among the population

Tirals are also being conducted to ascertain
the efficacy of the medicine in the figure
against  coronavirus .Till now, no clinical
trail however has proved that the medicine
is effective in protecting from covid -19.

home lifestyle immunity -bossting kadha 
for Covid -19 
Khadha recipe, immunity boosting 
recipes ayurved drink 

Drink the kadha two time a day  for 
immunity boasting. number of people in
Indian are getting well from this kadha. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made the 
immunity -boosting kadha an important 
part of our daily diet. while many like 
to consume it  first thing  in the morning 
,some prefer having it in place of their 
evening tea. 

Ingredient .

•Water 1liter 

• cinnamon- 2 1/2

Black paper seed  - 5

•cloves - 3

•cardamom - 2

• tulsi / basil - 4

• lemon grass - 4

•jaggery - 1 spoon as for taste 

•Ginger - as for taste 

•Turmeric - 1 spoon 

 cinnamon_ cinnamon is the source of cinnamon bark, fruit, leaf Cinnamon is high in substance with powerfull medicinal properties cinnamon is loaded with Antioxdants and cut the Disease of heart. cinnamon is the high in a substance With powerfull medicinal properties, 

Black pepper  black pepper and its active compound piperine it have antioxidant and anti -inflammatory properties its improve 
cholesterol levels, blood sugar control and brain ang health. 

Cloves _cloves are Best know as Sweet and aromatic Spice they also  used in medicine 
healthy benfites of cloves supporting 
liver, health and helping stabilize blood 
sugar  sugar levels. 

Cardamom _cardamom had been used for digestion system its fight with bacteria in the mouth cardamom contain naturally fight with cancer, liver health its keep a healthy heart 

Tulsi -benfite of tulsi  tulsi tea, tulsi may realive symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, 
cold, cough flu, sinusitis, sore throat. 
its is very good for are health  

Lemongrass -lemongrass might help prevent the growth of some bacteria  lemongrass also contains substance that  are thought to relive pain reduce fever lemongrass it has antioxidant properties. 

jaggery -jaggery it is contained the natural source of mineral and Vitamin it is one of the most some and healthy Sugars in the world in Jaggery  micro nutrient are present with anitoxdant with antitoxic and anti carcinogen properties.     

Ginger - Ginger is a popular spice Ginger 
can treat  can treat many forms of
nausea, especially moring sickness its is high in gingerol a substance with power full
anti -inflammation and antioxidant 

Turmeric -Tumerice contains bioactive compound With powerfull medicinal
properties Tumerice Dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. 

Khada Ingredient.  

1st.  boil  a water for 20 minutes _(1 Litre water)
• 2nd mix all the ingredient
• 3rd put all the ingredient in warm water.

                      Stay fit &healthy


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