healthy tips for eyes .

why is important to take care of your eyes? 

Important of eye care your eye sight is one of your most important senses 80 %
Taking care of your eyes also may benefit your overall healthy people with vission 
problem are  more  likely than those with good vission to have diabetes, porr hearing heart problem, high blood pressure, lower 
back pain increased risk for fall, injury and 

what  happens if you don't take of Your 

If you don't take of your eyes you will suffer from serious injection or ulcers in Your eye 
That are are very painful & difficult to treat 
and may need months of medication. may 
be surgery Eyes and vision are something no one wants to be without. 
To keep them work for you for many Year 
protect them and take care of Your eyes. 

This are things bad for your eyes 

watching TV at night 
In fact looking at any type of screen right before bed in the dark including your cell phone a reader television and computer is bad for you the level of a light changing rapidly so your eyes have to work hard to process the change which can lead to eye strain pain headache dry eye and redness
it can mess with your sleep schelude, too 

Rubbing Your eyes Rubbing your eyes them too hard can break the Blood vessel under the eyelids. 

The blue light from a computer phone can cause eye strain

10 bad  habits you should avoid 


2.Rubbing your eyes 

3.not wearing eye  protection 

4.skipping on sleep 

5 misusing make up 

6.forgetting sun glasses 

7.speding too much time lookig
at screen 

8.Not eating A balanced Diet 

9.Avoiding eye  doctor 

10. not protcetig your 
overhall health 

These are the food you should avoid for 
eyes health .

 some of the following  food you might expect would be unhealthy but other may surprise You if they happen to be regulary included in your diet be sure 
to  consider elimination them
if you want to protect your eyes, and Your overall health 

1. margarine and vegetable oil
This product are not natural they are man made using chemical and processing they are very high in  polyunsaturated fats which are very unstable and will easily oxide in the body oxidized fats may cause mutations 
in cell these mutations and inflammation may lead to clogged arteries 

2 fired food
Has mentioned above vegetable oil are very bad for the body and that is exactly what these food are prepared with canola oil
In a particle is one of three most genetically modified product in United state and it is used nearly all restaurant for frying food
not only doee the oil lead to clogged arteries but arterial plaque can lead to higher blood pressure, which is also dangerous to
the eyes.

3.Cookies and cake
This product or load with trend pad which are create when food manufacturing process vegetable Trans Fat a notorious for increasing the blood level of LDL cholesterol which can lead to arterial blockage Tras Fats also raise the level up of
triglycerides in the blood

Most variety of this also come loaded up with  trans fat  that they are just waiting to clog your arteries imagine the build-up pressure within the delicate eye  I if the intricate blood vessel there get clogged
When the flow of blood in the eye is blocked it Cuts of the supply nutrients and oxygen has well this can lead to an eye stroke and decrease or distorted vision.

5.Sweetened drinks
Sweetened drinks get their sweet flavour from added sugar source like high -fructose corn syrup. these added sugar have been scientifically proven to increase the risk for high blood pressure and elevated triglyceride levels. All of this spell trouble for your  cardiovascular system and your eyes

For I help and overall health avoid the process food and drink and stick to real food and fresh water and teas.

Best food to bosst Your eyes healthy 8th food  To improve Eyesight,

Vitamin C : your eyes require high amount of antioxidant
 The  antioxidant vitamin C appears to be 
especially important, although controlled 
studied on it's role in eye health are lacking 
while Vitamin C appears to play a protective role in your eyes it's unclear whether supplement provide added benefit for those who are deficient. 
High amount of Vitamin C are found in many fruit and vegetable including belly paper citrus fruit, guavas, kale and broccoli 
Vitamin C is necessary for your eyes health and getting enough of this antioxidant
may protect against cataracts. 

Vitamin  E

vitamin E is a group of fat soluble antioxidant that protect fatty acid from harmful oxidant 

Since Your  retina had a high concentration
of fatty acid, adequate  vitamin E intake is important for optimal Eye  heath. 

The best dietary sources of vitamin E include almonds, sunflower seed ,and vegetables oil like flax seed oil

Vitamin E deficency may lead to visual degeneration and  blindness for those who arent deficient supplement probably won't 
provide an added benefit.

Vitamin A
if you don't consume enough vitamin A, you may exprinence night blindness, dry  eyes or even more serious condition, depending 
on the servent of your deficiency 

This vitamin is essential  for maintaining your eyes light -sensign cell, also know as photoreceptors 

Vitamin  A vitamin A deficiency is one of the most common cause of blindness in the world. 

Vitamin A deficiency may lead to night blindness and dry eyes  vitamin A 
is only found in animal derived foods but
Your body  can convert certin plant -based carotenoids into vitamin  A. 

Omega -3 fatty acids 

The long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are important for eye health.

Omega-3 fatty acids may also help prevent other eye diseases. A study in middle-aged and older adults with diabetes found that taking at least 500 mg of long-chain omega-3s daily may reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy

The best dietary source of EPA and DHA is oily fish. Additionally, omega-3 supplements derived from fish or microalgae are widely available.

Getting adequate amount of the long chain Omega 3 fatty acid epa and dha from oily fish may reduce your risk of servel eye disease -especially dry eyse.


Your  eyes  contain high level of zinc

zinc is part of many essential enzymes including superoxide dismutase, which functions as an antioxidant.

It also appears to be involved in the formation of visual pigments in your retina. For this reason, zinc deficiency may lead to night blindness (37Trusted Source).

In one study, older adults with early macular degeneration were given zinc supplements. Their macular deterioration slowed, and they maintained their visual sharpness better than those who received a placebo (38Trusted Source).

However, further studies are needed before strong conclusions can be reached.

Natural dietary sources of zinc include oysters, meat, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts

Has a eggs are loaded with protein they are especially beneficial to the eyes 
Two anitoxdants ,leutin and zeaxanthin are present in eggs  they protect eyes from damage, consuming eggs may also 
lower the risk of cataracts and other common eye disorders 

carrots contain both -carotene and lutein
these compound are present in our retinas which improve vision. 

studies have show that Avocados are important for improving Your eyesight. avocados Your eyesight. avocadoa alos prevent cataracts.

packed with lutein and zeaxathin, spinach improve eyesight it also reduces the risk of cataracts.

fish Like salmon, tuna and cod contaians healthy omega -3 fatty acid. these compound are present in rentia eat more fish to improve eyesight. 

Dark chocolate 
it is also helpful  to improve vision  Dark chocolate protect the blood vessel in the eyes lens and  Corena. you can eat Dark chocolate to Get better vision. 

Vitamins A and C present in bananas,
are good for your eyesight, banana also 
contain other nutrients Like vitamin E and lutein  to ,which improve eye power 


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