healthy diet plan for glowing skin

Here are some  healthy Diet  tips that can       help Give you  A glowing skin

There are 4types of skin? 
• Normal skin. 
• Dry skin.
• oily skin.
• combination  skin .

health skin. a healthy diet is
important for a health. 
and a unhealthy Diet can damage 
your metablosim orangs and your 
heart and such as liver


: 12 best healthy food for your glowing.                                 health skin 

1:fatty fish is type of fish like salmon contain omega -3 fatty acid that can
 reduce inflammation and keep your
skin moisturized it's give you vitamin
E, and zinc

2.Avocados : Avocados are high in healthy
fats these healthy fat help many function
in.and its contain vitamin C  and E which
are important for health skin it's protect you skin from sun to damage.

3 Walnuts walnuts have many character -
istic That  make them excellent food
for healthy skin

4 sunflower seed  sunflower seed are an
excellent source of nutrient, including
vitamin E its important antioxidant
for the skin.

5 sweet potatoes swewt potatoes are an
excellent source of beta  carotene its as
which act as a natural sunblock and
protect your skin from sun damage it's
as vitamin A

6 bell peppers contain plenty of beta
carotene contain and vitamin c its
get antioxidant for you skin its keep
your skin healthy & strong

7 Broccoli  is full of vitamin and minerals
important for skin health its as good sources of vitamin A, c it's also
contains sulforaphane which help to prevent screen cancer and protect Your
skin from sunburn

8 Tomato Tomatoes are a great source of
vitamin. C and all  of the major carotenoids
protect your skin  from sun  damage and help prevent wrinkling

9 Soy soy contains isoflavones, a category
of plant compound that can either mimic

10 Dark chocolate contain antioxidant that
may protect your skin against sunburn
.these  anitoxdant may also improve
wrinkles skin thickness,Hydration,blood
flow, and skin texture

11 Red grapes red the famous antioxidant
found in red grapes,may slow your skins
aging process by impairing harmfull
free radical that damage your skin

12 Green tea green tea may help you &
protect you skin from damage and aging
The catechins found in green tea are powerfull antioxidant. that can protect your skin from sun

12.Food you should avoid for
better skin. 

4.cold cut
6.fruit juice
7.low fat yougurt
12.whey protein

                       follow this rule .
1.Drink water drink .1 Ltr water in morning when you get up driking gallons of water regularly. hydration is key for radiant glow because bowel movement less body fat glow your skin no acne. drink water 4 to 5 litres every single day 
avoid-half hour before meal 
1 hour after meal 

2.drink hearbal tea  : grean tea  and herbal tea once or twice in day to ensure steady inflow of antioxidant help prevent free radical activity which is responsible for
ageing, wrinkling and dull skill daily workout such as youga and gym 
do Daily some cardio in morning after work out wash your face with clean towel wash 
immediately after workout. 

4.Soap don't use soap on your face  wash Your face with face face wash. 

5 drink aloever juice it will reduce the frequency and appearance of acne 
alovera  is a rich source of antioxidant 
and vitamins thats may Help protect your 

The Best natural things to put on your face. 

1. Coconut oil. Possibly the most famous natural skin care product, it is also the most versatile. Coconut oil can be ingested as well as applied topically and can cause a variety of beneficial effects on your skin, including purging dead skin cells, fortifying skin tissue, and protecting the skin from sunburns.

10 thing's you should apply on your face before Sleeping To Get flawless skin 

•Aloe Vera gel
•potato juice 
•gram flour 
•coconut oil
•Raw milk 
•cucumber juice 
•olive oil
•Gram flour 
•Green tea 

           Diet paln for Glowing skin

Early morning 
1 cup green tea 
warm water. 

Two Eggs whites with a
glass of Fresh fruit 

mid- morning 
1 cucumber /carrot with yogurt 
coconut water 

2 chappattis  dal
vegetables curry  salad 
mix vegetables curry 
1 cup raita
1 chapati 

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