Covid _19

protect yourself and other from the covid -19

This virus is caused from (covid -19)
is through to spread mainly from person to person, mainly throught to respiratory droplets produced when an person cough 
,sneeze,or talk, these droplets can land in 
the mouth or nose and this disease allso 
caused by touching surface ,eg Table, 
door. Grill chair ) that has the virus on 
it and then touching  his own mouth, 
nose or eyes. 

A safe distance from other to protect against the coronavirus diseases?

Maintain at least 1 metre 3 feet distance between yourself and other when some one cough sneezes  or speak they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which contain virus,


stay home 
keep a safe distance 
wash hand often 
cover your cough 
use alcohol sanitizer
Mask -mask can Help prevent the spread of the virus from the person wearing the mask to other Mask protect you against .covid 19

healthy At home
Do physical active
healthy diet
healthy parenting
mental health
eat vitamin c food.

• clean your Home frequenty
do daily sanitize at your hom wipe your table and chair,doornobs ,counter,  tabletops

•be care full With your utensils
wear gloves when you was the utensils
wash item with warm water.
wash your hand before and after removing
your gloves and mask

•Dont resuce your mask or gloves

•Avoid vistors in your home
don't allow visitors untill the sick person
has completely recover and has no singh
or symptoms of covid -19.

To care of yourself for follow this rule 👇 

•Drink warm water 
•Get plenty of sleep 
•Avoid using drugs and alcohol. 
•do youga daily in morning 
•stretching, breathing 
•avoid the covid 19 news. 
focus on your goals 

                  stay home stay safe
                   #one life....

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