:Did you know you could make creamy homemade Biscoff cheesecake in just few minute's 

Biscoff is one of my favourite  things to make  sweet treats With it's amazing in anything! I'm currently working on biscoff  and white chocolate blondie recipe for you all. I've called these cheesecake pots but I actually used 0% Greek yougurt and to me it tastes like cheescake but this can easily be swapped for cream cheese!  These are the real deal, creamy and indulgent for the prefect weekend treat! 


12 lotus biscuits 
30g unsalted butter 
180g 0% Greek yogurt 
1/2 tsp vanilla extract 
60ml double cream 
40g icing sugar 
100g biscoff spread 
METHOD the biscuits in a sandwich bag and bash with a Rolling pin untill  fine crumb 
2.melt the butter in the the microwave the. aad the biscuit crumbs and stir through 
3 press the biscuit into 4 ramekins ( I used old gu pots  then place in the fridge. 
4. whip the double cream With a whisk until soft peaks from, then add the greek yogurt (or cream cheese). vanilla and biscuit spread and whisk again untill Just combined 
5.sift in the icing for sugar and whisk again until just combined 
6.spoon into the pots and refrigerate for a at least 2 hours.

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