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Did you know you could make, Bombay masala toast-aloo sandwich recipe- With chutney in Mumbai street style at home in just 1 hour .

it's amazing and very  tasty  😋 
potato -6
water to boil 
for chutney 
coriander -1 Bunch /2 cups loosely filled     
mint leaves -habfull 
green chilli -4
lemon juice _1 tsp 
Garlic  -4 -5
Dedicated coconut -3-4tbsp {fresh can also be used   }        
salt -to taste 
water.-to grind       

for alu masala 
oil-2 cup 
mustard seed -1tsp 
curry leaves -1 spring 
chopped coriander -2tbsp 
haldi powder -1/2 tsp 
Ginger Garlic paste -1 tsp 
lemon  juice -1 tsp 

for sandwich _
soft butter. -50g (for 4 sandwhiches }
cucumber slices -from one
Tomato -3 slices -4
chata masala -1 tbsp
cheese slice -4
sandwich bread -8
Nylon sev -to serve with

kitchen products I use :

measuring cup & sppoon set
 kitchen weight scale.
instant yeast. small pack 
pizaa screen -
parchment paper 
Good non stick pan 
whipping cream. 
oven for baking. 
Microwave :

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